To all those who have so generously welcomed me into their lives this year,

First and foremost and with all my heart, thank you. The past nine months on tour have taken me and my music around the world to more cities and sights than I ever could have dreamed of. I danced harder, sang louder, cried on stage multiple times, and for that hour every night, we created a community. Thank you for allowing me to do this thing I love so much.

This year has been about motion. Forward, full speed, I jumped into a moving car. My EP told you everything I felt during my last semester of college. It's time to tell you the story of everything that's happened since.

In all my years of creating, one thing has always been true: the music is always there, you just have to be still enough to listen. It's time to take stock, to check in, to find out who I am now, and to learn to tell the story of what it was to be me then.

And so, Split Stones is a parting gift. It's a song I made in college and have held onto for a while - one I've had so much fun playing live this year for all of you. This is me saying goodbye for a little while. Here's to the end of the beginning and the start of everything else.

See you soon. Til then, I'll be listening.